IELTS classes at LIFE Education Language School

New Special Class starting: IELTS Coaching (IELTS 401)

Times: 11 am – 1pm OR 6 – 8 pm on Friday;  9 am – 1 pm on Saturday

Special Introductory Rate of Rs. 2,500 for 2 months (Rs. 1,250 per month) if you are a currently enrolled student at LIFE Education Center (The IELTS Coaching class is only open to LEC Students currently enrolled in High Intermediate or Low and High Advanced classes)

Fees: Rs. 10,000 for 2 months (Rs. 5,000 per month) for all other students not enrolled at LIFE Education Center. They must score at least 25 points out of 40 on the LEC Placement Test to qualify for the class.

This course aims to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills required to successfully prepare themselves to take either the General Training or Academic IELTS exam. IELTS stands for International Language Testing System, and is a globally-recognized test of English language proficiency. It is a popular choice for students wishing to emigrate or to study at a university in an English-speaking country such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. This course will prepare you to take the IELTS Exam with confidence.

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